Why Dream Project Tarot is the dream project?
    About the importance of dreams I found out not so long ago when I was overwhelmed by everyday duties, and I completely forgot about the significance of dreams. After all, dreams are the main factor that mobilizes us, motivates us to change, and supports our development every day. Today I know that I want to reach for those dreams,
no matter where my Star card will be :) 


Dream Project Tarot


* lead time up to 4-5 weeks
** the cost of international shipping from Poland is included in the price

*** you can always make sure that payment was made correctly or ask me any question by sending an e-mail to tarot@dreamproject-tarot.pl

You can order Dream Project Tarot deck on Etsy shop or by paypal payment.

By paypal prise of the deck: 40 £ / 46 $ / 44 

Dream Project Tarot deck

78 tarot cards / doesn't include the book

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