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Let's start from the beginning....

A bit about me and why the DPT deck was created.


Tarot is my passion. And probably everyone who works with tarot and has a strong need for artistic expression, probably more than once, had an idea of creating their own deck of tarot cards spring to mind. And, so in this case, it was no different. But let's start from the very beginning ... Painting was my biggest passion since childhood. I've always seen myself as a creative artist. Long years spent in the studio, jazz or classical music always playing in the background. And one goal - to be the best at what I do. Not for excessive ambition but for passion and love of art. For personal fulfillment.

I have assigned one scenery and location to each element. AAnd since this is my presentation of the events taking place there, for the main motif I used, what in my opinion reflects, the nature of events related to perceiving each card. Pentacles - in my understanding represent home. Everyday matters, people around us. Prosperity that reminds me of the smell and color of oranges. Endless fields, beautiful meadows, the beauty of nature and a tree’s shade that brings relief. Wands - represent fire. It’s impossible to describe how fascinated I am by the culture, traditions, and customs of Native American tribes. For me, a Native American is a symbol of wisdom, internal harmony, and also pride, bravery, devotion, honor. Fire! Cups represent a beautiful, romantic, lofty feeling that in my opinion has recently taken on a different form of expression. And I'm ok with it. I'm a woman. I like evening sceneries, nights out, a little black dress, handsome men and good martinis. However, the Knight of Cups on a white horse ... Will be equally welcome :)​ Whereas Swords ... The Queen of Swords is the first card that comes to my mind. Cold. Dignified. Royal Lady. Hence the idea of royal scenery, though I can only imagine her figure without having a broader knowledge of royal customs and symbolism. But it’s all about the significance of the freedom of expression.... Therefore, when one day I tried to combine all my ideas into one, I thought:

“There are no two identical paintings or two identical brush strokes. So why am I trying to limit my perception to one and the same scenery? Like others.”


However, Major Arcana was a completely different thing. I didn't analyze. I painted what I felt and how I felt. That's how I wanted it to be... Not by force. But by listening to myself and conveying what I feel and hear inside.

That's why my deck is so ... beautifully imperfect. The cards have colorful spots permeating each other. You can notice the unevenness of lines. You can sense the dry or soft brush strokes. And that is what makes the deck so unique. Unique to me. I very much hope that it’s unique for you as well :) Each card is described in three languages: Polish, English, and Spanish. Why? I think Polish is an obvious choice ( because I am a polish speaking author of the deck). English - because I'm used to English editions and readings so much that, considering tarot readers, it became my official language. And Spanish because my heart partly stayed in Spain, and Spanish culture is extremely close to me. The deck is a small gift from me ... to me :)

Years flew by, and my educational and vocational path began to follow a simple form, a clean graphic image. I fell in love with this arranged direction of design just as much. However, if we are acquainted with the fields of visual arts, we become aware of several dependencies. The first - painting is freedom. Freedom of artistic expression, characteristic for every artist’s brushstroke. Strong brush line or lack of it. Freedom of form. The texture of canvas. Colors, lights, rhythm. A completely different color breaking through the top layer. The complete imperfection within all its perfection. The second - design. Straight. Clear. Synthetic. Immaculate. Precise. Symmetrical. Calculated and measured. Analyzed and designed with great accuracy. Perfect. The two, yet so different, fields of art both equally close to my heart. One slowly began to displace the other, due to lack of time, from the heavy workload, due to the clients’ needs. And yet I still missed that freedom of painting described above. Years later, I realized that, for me, the best form of meditation was the moment when I completely immersed myself in creative inspiration. Easels, canvas, freedom of mind. The eye always attentively follows the movement of the brush, however thoughts ... They travel so far that at the moment of snapping out of them, we are not able to remember what was happening in our head at that time. But the pleasant sensation remains. Difficult to describe. Bliss, inner peace, joy. One day, when I realized how much I miss this feeling, the painterly freedom of expression, the idea of creating my deck of tarot cards came up - tarot cards that are so close to me, so present in my life. After years of separation, thanks to this deck, I returned to painting. It is worth mentioning that the images used in the deck - unlike other artistic forms - are not revealing, they are a type of recreative form. It is a painterly expression, inspired by what surrounds me and by the things that I have already seen- in real life... Or through the eyes of my imagination.

Despite appearances, the creative process begins in one’s head. That is where it is born, it transforms, it takes a form of more various shapes and colors, with each day having a different meaning. Ideas evolve, new ones are created and only then we reach for a sketchbook. I and my project have struggled internally with each other... for 2/3 years. It is hard to exactly determine for how long. The next, almost two, years were devoted to working on each of the illustrations. And what I sought was for the deck to be different from others. So its beauty would manifest itself in the imperfection of each brushstroke. So it would not be as simple and clean as the current ones on the market, graphically designed (in its own beautiful way!) decks. So that its greatest value would be this painting imperfection and freedom of expression. Each card is different in my deck.

The process of creating the Dream Project Tarot deck was very time-consuming (someone who painted a series of 78 paintings in their life knows ;)) The project was inspiring and gave me what is most important - fulfillment! And that's what I want to share with you. My biggest dream is still the possibility to develop in the artistic sphere. And I decided to use the fulfilled dream for the other ones yet to come. You can read how to access the deck in the next tab.

The product includes: 78 cards.

Cards size: 2.9 x 4.5 inch / 75x115 mm

Packaging: eco.
Delivery: 2-8 weeks (during pandemic situation).

Shipping: from Poland, Europe.

At the moment, shipping only within the European Union.

The deck of 78 tarot cards - Minor and Major Arkanas. Published in english, spanish and polish language. Ecological packaging. Doesn't include the book.


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